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Dear visitor,

we would like to present this project to you and give you some information about the meaning of “Solveil” (before "Con_Sense"). Looking around at the world music market you may notice that many groups or artists embrace only one form of musical expression or genre. You can also label them and neatly categorize them in a specific artistic field, like Pop, Rock, Ambient, Ethno, Club...etc.

This categorizing will be nearly impossible to achieve with “Solveil” since our main purpose is to combine many different elements characteristic to various styles and to attempt to create something new from what could be seen at first as “un-combinable”! To say that these elements are not combinable would seem to us a stereotype of artistic behavior and is an unnecessary limitation to creating new and interesting music. Our intention is to include and not to separate.

The main reasons for most of these common separations are clique approaches or the conviction that "our music style is the best" - And this is definately not what we want ! Our music should be seen as an invitation to open your mind to other styles which you may not have considered until now. The same aspect can be found in our everyday life - there are always new experiences which make each day absolutely unique (And this is possible to experience if you keep an open mind).

Our music should speak for itself for this reason any personal or private presentation is not relevant. So there is no detailed personal information available. This is not meant as a distance to you but more the attempt to avoid what we see as superficial. Our public persona is "Solveil" and only this ! You are invited to discover and experience the real content. We would be pleased to take you on this journey where limitations are only manmade.

Solveil / Con_Sense - 2012